Silent Leo...LOUD Thoughts

Lord, God I come to you a sinner

And I humbly repent for my sins

I believe that Jesus is lord

I believe you raised him from the dead

I would ask that Jesus come into my life

And be my lord and savior

I receive Jesus to take control of my life

And that I might live for him from this day forward

Thank you lord for saving me with you precious blood

to my mom…

I remember it like yesterday. Me coming to visit you everyday after school. It was my first time ever taking public transpotation by myself. When i got there you would ask me “how did you get here?” I would say ” I took the bus, then the trolly, then walk from the station” you would laugh even though you were in pain because it humored you to know that your little girl would go out of her way to come visit you at the hospital. Even on my half days I would spend the day with you, just to make sure you were ok. Daddy would come and visit you too and he would give me money to go to the Dunkin Dounuts in the lobby to buy Boston cream dounuts. even though you guys werent together, it felt good to know that he cared enough to come see you when you were ill.

Soon I will have to see you go through all this pain again but this time I am prepared. Now that I am older and understand more. Like any other person, I am scared for you and I am doing my best to not think of the worst. I know you are goin g to get through this because yo did it once before. I have faith and pray as hard as I can because I know this is just one of little detours in our map of life.

I love you mommy with all my heart and I know that you are strong enough to get through this. Not only that you have 6 loving  supportive children, a husband, and of course your “little bottle of joy” that are here to make your recovery a breeze. Just remember you have God on your side.